Councillor Kyara Kahakauwila

Woman with blonde hair wearing a black and white dress.



Councillor Kahakauwila was first elected to Metchosin Council in 1999, serving three terms until 2008.  She was re-elected to Council in 2014.




Councillor Kahakauwila’s portfolio includes:

  • Chair of Metchosin Planning Standing Committee
  • Public Hearing Chair
  • CRD Regional Water Supply  Commission
  • Juan de Fuca Water Distribution Commission
  • Capital Region Emergency Services Telecommunications (CREST) 
    • Governance Committee Member
    • Finance Committee Member
  • West Shore Parks & Recreation
    • Chair
    • Greater Victoria Labour Relations Association (GVLRA) Board
  • West Shore Chamber of Commerce 
  • CRD Board Chair - Alternate
  • Greater Victoria Labour Relations Association (GVLRA) Board - Alternate

Telephone:  250-516-9302