Invasive Species

Invasive species are plants, animals and fungi that are not native to a region and that tend to out-compete native species for available resources.  They often form dense populations and dominate ecosystems resulting in less resilient communities. 

The District of Metchosin works in partnership with the CRD on invasive species treatment and monitoring in Metchosin.

Metchosin Invasive Species Week

Invasive Species Week (July 1-7), initially Tackle Tansy Ragwort Day, was started to increase community awareness around the threat of invasive plant species and the importance of removing invasive plants in our parks and public green spaces. Dedicating a week to this cause has proven to be a great promotion to eradicating invasive species in our community.  

The District of Metchosin Parks & Trails Advisory Committee works with community volunteers to remove invasive broom and holly from our parks and public green spaces.  The Metchosin Invasive Species Cooperative (MISC) works to create increased awareness on the threat of invasive species and restoring natural habitats.  MISC have Puller Bears available to loan out and volunteer work parties.

Identifying Invasive Species

For further information on identifying invasive species, please visit the CRD website.