Land Use and Zoning

Metchosin regulates land use by the establishment of zones in its Land Use Bylaw. Each zone sets out the permitted use of land and buildings, the density of the uses; siting, size and dimensions of buildings and uses; and locations of uses; and the minimum lot size for subdivision.

While the District of Metchosin tries to ensure the accuracy of information on this website, the information is provided for reference only.  Please confirm accuracy with municipal staff by calling 250-474-3167 before making financial or other commitments.

Zoning Map

Land Use Bylaw - Consolidated April 2020

Official Community Plan Bylaw - Consolidated September 2020

Rezoning Applications

Please contact municipal staff before submitting an application to rezone property in Metchosin.

Fees are $1600 for a land use bylaw amendment; and $1900 for an official community plan amendment and a land use bylaw amendment.

Rezoning Application