Metchosin 4-H Community Club

The Metchosin 4-H program provides young people with an opportunity to learn how to become productive, self-assured adults who can make their community and country a good place in which to live. This is fostered through project and program work, experiences with their 4-H club members and leaders and their participation in district, regional and even provincial programs.

The goal of the 4-H program is youth development. The objectives of 4-H clubs are knowledge, leadership, citizenship and personal development. 

4-H is an organization dedicated to young people. The purpose of the 4-H program is to prepare girls and boys for their future as adult citizens. 4-H stands for head, heart, hands and health. The 4-H pledge describes the significance of the four H's:

My HEAD to clearer thinking,

My HEART to greater loyalty,

My HANDS to larger service,

My HEALTH to better living,

For my Club, my Community my Country and my World.

The philosophy of the 4-H program is explained by the 4-H motto: Learn to do by Doing.

4-H Mission: Inspire, educate and develop youth into empowered community leaders.

4-H is: young people, parents, and other interested adults working together for the benefit of youth, family and community. 4-H spells OPPORTUNITY for everyone involved in the program.

4-H youth run from the ages of 6-21. The 6-8 year olds enroll in a program called Cloverbuds. Youth aged 9-21 as of January 1st, 2017 can choose a 4-H project.

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