Garbage & Recycling


Kitchen/Food Scraps may be dropped off at:

Alpine Disposal and Recycling Services 1045 Dunford Ave, Langford (250) 474-5145

A&P Disposal and Recycling 6620 Marilyn Rd, Sooke (250) 642-4456

Idlemore Recycle Centre 2049 Idlemore Rd, Sooke (250) 642-5297

Charges may apply

Garbage Disposal and Recycling Services

Residents and businesses must arrange their own garbage collection service as this is not a service offered by the municipality.  Check the yellow pages under Garbage Collection.

Recycling Resources

The CRD provides a wide variety of recycling services and information. Residents can find convenient facility locations and get the environmental story behind the items we use in our homes and businesses using the CRD's recycling directory at  Or you can call the CRD Recycling Hotline at 250-360-3030

Blue Box Recycling Program

Residential recycling  in Metchosin is a Capital Regional District service contracted to GFL Environmental to provide curbside pickup (@January 2024). 

New residents of Metchosin may receive 1 box and up to 4 bags maximum per household free of charge. Existing residents may receive one replacement blue box and bag for a broken or stolen box, and one for glass separation. Height requirements are 13" high, 16" wide, 19" length or smaller.

Residents can call the CRD Hotline at 250-360-3030 for information on scheduled pick up days or online at for schedule and sorting information.

GFL Environmental for CRD Blue Box Program can be reached at 236-470-0186. 

Household Hazardous Waste Disposal - No Charge!

Find out about Metchosin's Battery Recycling Program.

The Capital Regional District offers residents a no charge disposal program for all leftover household hazardous waste products, such as those marked flammable, corrosive, explosive or poisonous. Common examples are automotive products, empty propane tanks, pesticides, varnishes, paints, cleaners, and batteries.  Electronics (computers and TVs) are also accepted at no charge. These products and containers may be dropped off at Hartland Recycling Depot.

Alpine Disposal and Recycling and Sooke Garbage Disposal also accept a limited number of HHW products. For more information, see the CRD website at or call the CRD recycling hotline at 250-360-3030.

Household Electronics Recycling - No Charge!

You can recycle electronics, such as computers, printers, sterios, non-cellular phones, at various Encorp Pacific depots in the Capital Region, including  

  • View Royal Salvation Army, 307 Island Highway at Helmcken Road

Beverage and Milk Container Recycling

Encorp Pacific also has depots around Victoria for beverage and milk container recycling. In 2011, beverage containers are accepted at Alpine Bottle Depot at 1045 Dunford in Langford; and both beverage and milk containers are accepted at the Sooke Bottle Depot on Idlemore Road.   

Small and Portable Appliance Recycling

The Canadian Electrical Stewardship Association is launching its small appliance stewardship program on October 1, 2011. Collection of accepted end-of-life small and portable applicance will take place at the Sooke and View Royal Salvation Army thrift stores and other Victoria locations. See the Unplugged Small Appliance Recycling Program website for more information.

Pacific Mobile Depot at Belmont Secondary School

Drop off plastics, styrofoam, tetrapacs and other recyclables for a fee at the Pacific Mobile Depot on the 2nd Saturday of every month at Belmont Secondary School in the staff parking lot. See the Pacific Mobile Depot website for more information.