Metchosin Foundation


Healthy Lands and Waters - the Foundation for a Healthy Community

Since 2009, the Metchosin Foundation has supported projects and programs related to environmental conservation and education. Our work is focused locally at the intersections of science, education, art and community. Recent initiatives include: multi-year project coordination and fund-raising to help support the Sc’ianew Mary Hill Project to achieve a key project milestone (Feb 2022 Standstill Agreement); the provision of sustaining financial support for the Memorial Garry Oak Meadow restoration project on our Municipal Grounds; production of nature art cards (in collaboration with other local organizations) featuring local plants, birds and mushrooms; awarding of annual post-secondary education scholarships for local youth; and support of citizen science initiatives (Metchosin Flying Insect Biomass Study, Garry oak mycorrhizal fungi study) that merge the skills, talent and goodwill of Metchosin community members with university-based subject matter experts.

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