Metchosin Museum Society

The Metchosin Museum Society is a volunteer organization responsible for the care and operation of the Metchosin Schoolhouse Museum and the Metchosin Pioneer Museum.

Metchosin Schoolhouse Museum 

White wooden building.








The Metchosin Schoolhouse was opened in the Spring of 1872 and was the first school building opened in British Columbia following Confederation. Classes began with Mrs. Elizabeth Fisher teaching seven girls and three boys.

The school closed in 1914, reopened in 1942, and closed again in 1949.  It re-opened 100 years later in 1972 as a museum, dedicated to the history of Metchosin and the education of its children.

The Schoolhouse Museum is located at 4475 Happy Valley Road, across from the Metchosin municipal grounds.

2023 Visiting hours are April 1 to October 29: Saturdays 12 pm - 3 pm, Sundays 11 am - 3 pm

Metchosin Pioneer Museum 

Large wooden building.








The Metchosin Pioneer Museum, located behind the Metchosin Community House, is dedicated to the preservation of Metchosin's history beginning with the Scia'new First Nation (Beecher Bay) through the mid-twentieth century.

Origins of this Museum date back to 1986 with Council's establishment of the Heritage Cultural Reserve Fund and in 1990 with the designation of the current structure. Since that time, the old barn has been completely refurbished to house and display the many artifacts that have been given to the Museum Society.

The Metchosin Pioneer Museum also houses Old Barn Books, the Museum Society's primary source of revenue.

Complete information on the museums can be found on the Metchosin Museum Society website at 

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