Let's Name that School!

A Message from Councillor Sharie Epp

Every now and then, since 2017 when the District of Metchosin purchased the former Metchosin Elementary School, someone comments about giving the old school an official name. Well, now’s the time - as a former schoolteacher might say - to put our thinking caps on.

From the shining hardwood on the gym floor, to a new kitchen and washrooms, along with modernized rooms, the school is a welcoming centre for both community and commercial users. The pickleballers are especially happy with their two new courts!

The Metchosin Arts and Culture Centre Association, featuring a variety of artsy tenants, and the Seniors’ Resource Centre, occupy the oldest portion of the school. Mile Zero Brewing is in the newer section, and queries are rolling in from groups interested in leasing other areas.

In the last while, a few potential names have emerged. Since Metchosin’s name originates with a whale washed up on the beach, and a whale is featured on both our District flag and in the centre of the gym, Orca Place or Orca Community Centre might be possibilities. But maybe the name should be more traditional, such as calling it The School, or The Old School, as it’s been called for years.

The community needs to weigh in on this one. Send suggestions to the District office (info@metchosin.ca) and we’ll bring them all to the Council table sometime this spring for a fun discussion. Let’s name that school!

For more information contact:
Councillor Sharie Epp
sepp@metchosin.ca or 250-478-8400