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4450 Happy Valley Road
Victoria BC  V9C 3Z3

Tel:  250-474-3167
Fax: 250-474-6298

General Correspondence

Mayor and Council

Mayor John Ranns
Councillor Andy MacKinnon
Councillor Kyara Kahakauwila
Councillor Sharie Epp
Councillor Marie-Térèse Little

Correspondence to Mayor

General Correspondence to Council


Lisa Urlacher, Corporate Officer/CAO
Sue-Lin Tarnowski, Chief Financial Officer
Tina Hansen, Executive Assistant
Amber Ward, Administrative Assistant
Laura Whitmore Guzauskas, Deputy Finance Officer
Melissa Kirk, Building and Planning Clerk

Building Permits and Inspections

Tel: 250-474-3196
Fax: 250-474.6298 

Chris Watkins, Building Inspector
Melissa Kirk, Building and Planning Clerk

Development, Land Use, Subdivision & GIS

Melissa Kirk, Building and Planning Clerk

Public Works

Gord Grivel, Public Works Acting Team Lead

Fire Department

Tel: 250-478-1307
Fax: 250-478-1309 

Stephanie Dunlop, Fire Chief

Emergency Program

Stephanie Dunlop, Emergency Coordinator

Animal Control Services 

CRD Bylaw and Animal Care Services 
Tel: 250-478-0624 
Fax: 250-391-9727