Local Quilters present Metchosin Quilt Block to Council

At the February 27th Council meeting, local quilters Carla Smirfitt and Marlyn Simpson presented Council with the completed Metchosin quilt block, which makes up a portion of the CRD's 50th Anniversary Regional Quilt Project.


Through this project, the CRD worked with 33 members from the quilting community to design a regional quilt.  The quilt is composed of 28 unique blocks that weave a tapestry of the capital region's stunning landscape's and showcase our community of communities.  Each of the 13 municipalities and three electoral areas  is represented by one block. 

Metchosin Quilt Block write-up:

We agreed that what made Metchosin special to use was the "aaaahhh" factor when coming home from work or town.  When we reach Metchosin, our stress levels plummet.  Why?

What are the icons of Metchosin? Sheep, pastures, trees (both arbutus and wind-blown firs) the Galloping Goose Regional Trail with horses and dogs.  Therefore, a pastoral scene incorporating those icons was designed.

We both like the Metchosin emblem of an orca breaching in the rising sun so decided to include it.  The Councillors of the District of Metchosin suggested the addition of deer and representation from the Scia'new First Nations in our design.  The Scia'new First Nations have a wonderful emblem as well, and we obtained their permission to include it.

Carla Smirfitt:  "I have lived in Metchosin for 30 years and have been quilting for about 25 years.  I love to create picture out of fabric."

Marlyn Simpson: "I have been a Metchosin resident for 27 years or so.  Fibre arts, in its many forms including quilting, has been a major part of my life since retirement."

Council Image CDR Quilt Image
Thursday, March 16, 2017 - 2:00pm