Winter Roads

Winter Roads Service

Metchosin public works is ready for ice control and snow plow service.  Salters and Sanders have been installed on all 4 public works trucks, with salt/sand loaded and ready for 24 hour response.

Priority Roads Service

Please remember that ice control and snow plow service is provided on a priority route basis with Happy Valley, Metchosin, William Head, Rocky Point and Kangaroo Roads being top priority.  Next are School Bus and BC Transit routes, followed by all other roads.

1st Priority Roads

1. Kangaroo Road
2. Metchosin Road
3. William Head Road
4. Happy Valley Road
5. Rocky Point Road

2nd Priority Roads

1. Duke Road/Olympic View Drive
2. Glen Forest Way/Sundance/Pears
3. Lombard Drive

3rd Priority - School Bus Routes 

1. Lindholm Road
2. Barrow/LaBonne/Liberty
3. Arden Road (to Wedgewood) 
4. Neild Road
5. Malloch Road
6. Tiswilde Road 
7. Saddleback/Hackamore/Stirrup Roads

Help Us Be Prepared

Signs are posted at every road entrance into Metchosin - "Winter Tires or Chains are required on Metchosin Roads".  Please ensure your vehicle is equipped with good winter tires or carry chains.  All-season tires lose their pliability and traction at 7 degrees celsius.  

Avoid parking vehicles on the road or paved shoulders at all times during the winter. Residents are reminded to park their vehicles near the bottom of their driveways, not on the road.  Snow plows require adequate room to maneuver and roads and cul-de-sacs with vehicles parked on them may not end up being plowed.  As well, vehicles parked on roads or paved shoulders hindering plow service may be towed. 

Place your driveway snow to the left side of your driveway (facing in) where it meets the road to minimize the amount of snow pushed back into your driveway when the plows pass.

If you have an urgent medical appointment or are a medical professional needing to get to work, call the Emergency Program Coordinator at the Metchosin Fire Hall at 250-478-1307 or after hours:  Langford Dispatch 250-478-9555 and ask for the Metchosin Duty Officer to be paged.