School Museum

Metchosin School Museum

4475 Happy Valley Road

old black and white school photo

In February 1871, a gathering of Metchosin residents met under the trees near the present intersection of Happy Valley and Metchosin Roads and made plans to have a school built for their children. Mr. John Witty donated a parcel of land and the community raised $150 towards the cost of building. The government matched the $150 and the school was opened in 1872.

Classes began with Mrs. Elizabeth Fisher teaching seven girls and three boys. The only source of heat was a brick fireplace which was kept well stocked with dry fir bark supplied by the men of the district. Children arrived on foot and horseback.

The original one-room schoolhouse served continuously for 42 years. Today it serves as a museum containing artifacts, photographs and stories from Metchosin’s pioneer families.

The museum is located at 4475 Happy Valley Road, across the street from the municipal grounds. It is opened by volunteers on Saturday from 1:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. from mid April to mid October, and Sunday from Mother's Day weekend to mid October. Entrance is free.

Group tours can be arranged by calling 250-478-3451 or 250-478-5447.