District's Statement to The Westshore Article dated July 5, 2022

I trust the statement below provides clarity to the article posted in the Westshore dated Tuesday, July 5, 2022 

The District is aware that some Metchosin residents have raised questions about the District's discussions with the CRD re: the potential sale of Lot A, (the "Metchosin Green Space"), which was part of the 2017 land swap.  This was one of various options that the District was exploring as part of a potential contribution to a future Mary Hill IPA outcome.  This option was later shelved due to issues including; low valuation, isolated offer, and community concerns.  Metchosin continues to explore other options and opportunities as we stand with the project supporters to bring forward a viable proposal for Sc'ianew (Beecher Bay) First Nation to consider as we step forward during the Standstill Agreement. 

The District also wishes to reiterate the following statement, which was prepared by the Steering Committee for Sc'ianew Indigenous Protected Area, and was read into the minutes during the June 27th District of Metchosin Council meeting:

In February of this year, the Steering Committee for the Sc'ianew Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) at Mary Hill publicly announced a Standstill Agreement between four parties - Sc'ianew First Nation and three supporting parties (Habitat Acquisition Trust, the District of Metchosin, and Pearson College UWV). The Agreement describes the ongoing, collaborative work of the parties in evaluating a potential IPA project on future Sc'ianew First Nation treaty settlement land at Mary Hill.  Comprehensive Information about the Standstill Agreement is available here. 

The Standstill Agreement affirms that the Project Steering Committee, made up of the Standstill Agreement signatories, is the forum for discussion, deliberation, and communication of all matters related to the Mary Hill IPA Project.

At this early stage of the Standstill Agreement, each party to the Agreement is independently working to identify various ways in which they may contribute to a potential IPA at Mary Hill.  Over the next year, ideas generated by each party will be reviewed and evaluated by the whole Steering Commitee, to determine which options may provide the best overall support for a future IPA outcome at Mary Hill.  Options approved by the Steering Committee will then be a part of relevant community review processes. 

To learn more about the Sc'ianew IPA Project, please visit the above link.

Lisa Urlacher, CAO


Wednesday, July 6, 2022 - 5:00pm