CREST Communications Tower Proposal


At the District of Metchosin Planning Committee meeting on June 22, an application was reviewed from CREST (Capital Region Emergency Service Telecommunications Inc) to reconstruct an existing communication tower at 5225 Rocky Point Road. CREST provides emergency communications for fire and police departments as well as ambulance in the region, and the District of Metchosin is one of the shareholders of the not-for-profit corporation. The tower is required to improve coverage for the communication network.

The tower is proposed to be rebuilt in the same location as the current tower. The proposed tower would be approximately 30 to 35 m high, and is part of the new emergency communications system that will operate at a significantly lower output from the current system due to the lower power requirements of the newer technology. The power density (exposure limits) at the site will remain well below Canadian and District safety limits. A power density prediction report, letter, and antenna application information form were all submitted as part of the application and can be viewed below.

Communications antennas are regulated by the federal government; the District of Metchosin is not the approval authority. However, the federal government does encourage applicants to consult with the local land use authority. The District has a policy that encourages applicants to communicate with the public, and provide residents with an opportunity to have concerns heard and questions answered.

Residents can view some of the background documents below, and can direct any questions or concerns directly to CREST by contacting Gord Horth at or calling 250-391-6552. Residents are asked to submit questions to CREST prior to July 3 in order to provide time for CREST to respond, and for a record of all questions (and answers) to be provided to the District in advance of the July 13, 2020 Council meeting when Council will consider a resolution on the tower.

For further information, please visit the CREST website here.

Report to Planning Committee - June 22, 2020
District of Metchosin Communications Antenna Location and Consultation Policy (400.97)
CREST Application Letter - June 16, 2020
CREST Rocky Point Rd - RF Power Density Prediction Report
Proposed Tower Site Map

Wednesday, June 24, 2020 - 3:30pm