Burning Regulations

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY - Open burning restrictions due to COVID-19

Open burning is prohibited within the District of Metchosin.  Campfires are still permitted (2x2 - out by midnight).

March 26, 2020 - the BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy in collaboration with provincial public health partners is restricting all open burning in High Smoke Sensitivity Zones throughout BC until April 15th, 2020 which includes Metchosin.

Please see here for full Media Release


Smoke Control & Burning Guidelines:

Please follow these guidelines to help reduce the danger of fire and the discomfort from smoke in the community.

Backyard open burning is allowed between October 1st and May 31st only (unless otherwise posted).  Prior to burning, please ensure the venting index is 'Good' (Phone 1-888-281-2992).

Backyard open burning is permitted from 6am to 6pm only.  Fires must be completely extinguished by 6pm - no smoke/no flame.


The burning of any construction waste, demolition debris, garbage food or household waste, plastic, rubber, asphalt shingles, or other similar material is prohibited as stipulated in the Open Burning Smoke Control Regulations.  

Please ensure:

  • A responsible person is in constant supervision of the fire
  • A hose or water source is available at all times 
  • The fire is hot and only dry material is burned in order to avoid excessive smoke 
  •  Fires are not ignited in high wind conditions
  • Petroleum products are not used to accelerate or sustain the fire
  • Debris must originate from the property where burning is taking place

We are in a High Sensitivity Smoke Zone

Residential Backyard Open Burning (Debris < 10cm)

  • Piles to be no larger than 2 meters in diameter
  • No permit required
  • May only burn dry leaves and yard waste 
  • Must have a hose or tools to control the fire
  • Must be 20 meters from any structure
  • Must be 10 meters from trees, fence or shrubs
  • Must be fully extinguished by 6 pm
  • Limited to three consecutive days

USE OF INCINERATORS & BURN BARRELS IS PROHIBITED - Please do not burn  yard waste inside any kind of container. 

 Camp Fires - WHEN ALLOWED

  •  No larger that 0.6 meters in diameter
  •  Campfires must be in a designated fire pit or approved commercial appliance
  •  No permit required 
  •  May only burn clean dry wood
  •  Must be 6 meters away from any structure, timber, vegetative matter or flammable materials
  •  Must have a bucket or hose for water 
  •  Must be fully extinguished by midnight 


ALL FIREWORKS ARE BANNED WITHIN THE DISTRICT OF METCHOSIN - Except on October 31 & December 31 (permit required)

Burning of Large Diameter Debris > 10 cm - NEW REGULATIONS 2019

  Must comply with the BC Environment Management Act and Open Burning Smoke Control Regulations

  •   Must adhere with the 2019 BC Environment Management Act and Open Burning Smoke Control Regulations 
  •   Written permit required from the Metchosin Fire Department, must have copy on site
  •   Venting Index must be 'good' the day of and 'fair' the second allowable burn day
  •   Maximum 2 consecutive days of burning
  •   Must be 500m from residences/1000m from schools - unless notification distributed
  •   Debris must be 'seasoned' as defined by the Regulation
  •   No burning of stumps allowed
  •   Permits issued at the discretion of the Fire Chief or designate - and can be recalled at any time

VENTING INDEX: 1-888-281-2992

Please consider alternate solutions for debris removal, such as composting, chipping or leaving debris on the ground to develop natural habitats for animals.